Terms & Conditions

Please read through the following booking conditions carefully.
The booking conditions as below apply to all bookings at The Abbey Hotel. In the booking conditions, ‘the Company’, ‘we’, and ‘us’ refers to The Abbey Hotel and ‘you’ refers to the individual making the booking (or ‘the Party Leader’).


(1a) Our acceptance of your initial payment forms a contract between The Abbey Hotel and the person making the booking. You are deemed to accept these booking conditions. No other conditions will apply to this contract unless confirmed by us to you in writing.

(1b) When booking on behalf of other people or on behalf of a group, it is the responsibility of the person making the booking to ensure that every member of the party has read and fully understood all the booking conditions.

(1c) At the time of booking, you will be required to provide your personal details and confirm that you have accepted the booking conditions on behalf of all persons in the party. You will also be responsible for any balance payment of the booking. We will send all correspondence to you and will consider you responsible for keeping all party members informed. We cannot discuss the booking or enter into communication with any other member of the booking or 3rd party. In the event that the booking is being made on behalf of someone else, and the person making the booking is not actually staying at The Abbey Hotel, that person is still deemed the Party Leader and the same booking conditions apply.

(1d) All booking confirmation and payment-related correspondence from The Abbey Hotel is sent via email. It is your responsibility to ensure all such emails are read and adhered to in accordance with these booking conditions. Unless informed otherwise, it will be deemed by us that all emails have been received and understood. We can not accept failure to adhere to our booking conditions due to incorrect contact details or inactive/superseded email accounts.


(2a) To reserve a room(s) you are required to make a refundable deposit payment of 50% of total booking value for single night bookings, one night’s rate for bookings from 2 to 4 days and 25% of the total booking value if over 5 days.

(2b) Once you have made the required deposit payment, your credit/debit card details will be stored securely in accordance with PCI-DSS compliance regulations. In our 5 week reminder email we will request the security code of the registered card to allow us to process the balance payment. In agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are authorising us to debit the balance payment from the registered card at this time. Should you wish to make payment with an alternative card, please advise us on receipt of the 5 week balance reminder email. We must receive confirmation of your security code (or alternative card details) at least 4 weeks prior to arrival.

(2c) If we are unable to process the balance payment for any reason on the due date, we will contact you via email to arrange alternative means of payment.

(2d) On receipt of your initial payment we will send you a booking confirmation via email within 24 hours of booking. This will note the details of your booking and also act as an invoice for any outstanding balance. If any details are incorrect you must advise us immediately. If you do not receive a booking confirmation within 24 hours of booking, please notify us immediately. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors concerning your booking after a period of 48 hours after booking.

(2e) We reserve the right to periodically review our room prices. Any increase in prices will be advertised accordingly. All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.

(2f) We accept payment through credit/debit card only. We accept Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Switch/Maestro Solo and American Express. Please do not send cash or a cheque through the post as a means of payment. We can only accept one credit/debit card transaction per booking.

(2g) Whilst we endeavour to accommodate all special requests, we cannot issue a guarantee.

(2h) Should you need a room for persons with special requirements, please contact us at your earliest opportunity.

(2i) All bookings are made in good faith. In the unlikely event that your booked room is made unavailable, we will endeavour to find alternative accommodation nearby at a price and a standard similar to The Abbey Hotel. In this instance, all monies will be refunded with immediate effect. You will be responsible for paying for all charges for the alternative accommodation provided.


(3a) A booking of 2 or more rooms is deemed as being a group booking.

(3b) For all group bookings, we ask for the names of all group members at least 14 days prior to arrival.


(4a) We reserve the right to request a credit card pre-authorisation (‘pre-auth’) on arrival to act as a security deposit during your stay. The standard pre-auth amount is £30 per person.

(4b) The pre-authorisation process will not debit your account but the funds will be held for us by your card issuer until such time as we instruct a cancellation. The pre-authorised amount will therefore be made unavailable to you during your stay. We can only accept one pre-auth per booking.

(4c) Whilst Visa Credit and MasterCard Credit are the preferred form of pre-auth, we can also accept Visa Debit and Delta. We cannot accept Visa Electron, Maestro/Switch, Solo, cash, or cheque as a form of deposit.

(4d) Any group member may act as the cardholder for the pre-auth. We cannot accept a pre-auth from a person not staying as part of the respective booking. This includes a booking where the Party Leader (person who made the booking) is not actually staying at the Hotel.

(4e) The security deposit covers damage within your booked room(s) and to hotel property (including bed linen and hired towels), smoking (within your booked room(s) and elsewhere in the hotel), and disruptive behaviour. Whilst staying at The Abbey Hotel we kindly ask that you respect your fellow guests, hotel staff, hotel property, and all 3rd parties. We pay particular attention to noise and do expect noise to be kept to a reasonable level after 10pm. Naturally, we want you to have an enjoyable stay, however, this cannot be at the expense of other guests or staff.

(4f) The pre-auth is released on the day of departure (or the next working day) providing there has been no cause for complaint, and after all rooms have been checked and once every member of the party has vacated the hotel. We recommend that the Party Leader accompanies the member of staff during the room inspections to avoid any possible dispute after departure. Please be aware that your card issuer may take several days to make the funds available to you after we instruct the release. We cannot be held responsible for the pre-authorised funds once released back to your card issuer


(5a) Check-in time is 3pm. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that any rooms will be available before this time.

(5b) Check-out time is 11am. We kindly ask that you vacate your room by this time. When possible, we can offer a pre-arranged late check-out to depart by 12pm midday.

(5c) Only those named in the booking may stay at The Abbey Hotel. Visitors may use our drawing room and restaurant but are strictly prohibited from entering any of the bedrooms or using any other hotel facility. Should we find an unregistered guest has stayed in your room or any room booked as part of your group booking, a charge of £30 (per overnight guest) will be applied against the security deposit.

(5d) Whilst we do have our own dedicated car park, spaces are limited and available strictly on a first come, first served basis. Alternative parking is available nearby in both residential areas and public car parks. The Company cannot guarantee parking spaces and does not accept the provision of parking facilities as a contractual part of any booking. Parking in our car park is complimentary to hotel guests.

(5e) All persons leaving a vehicle in the hotel car park will need to register it at check-in. All unregistered vehicles found may be issued with a parking ticket or clamped. This service is carried out by a 3rd party and The Abbey Hotel will have no control over its operation.

(5f) The Company shall not be held liable in the event that accommodation, services, or any advertised activity is not available due to circumstances beyond its control.

(5g) Management reserve the right to enter any room at any time, whether the room is occupied or not.

(5h) You use the hotel and its facilities at your own risk. The Company cannot accept liability for the loss or damage in respect of your personal possessions or vehicle.

(5n) We ask that any breakages are reported and paid for at reception within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in all charges being made against the security deposit.

(5o) We reserve the right to impose a cleaning charge against the security deposit for excess cleaning duties required in a guest room. A similar charge will apply against a guest whose actions have resulted in excess cleaning to a corridor/public area.

(5p) The Abbey Hotel is a non-smoking establishment. A smoking area is provided for guests on the hotel terrace. We reserve the right to impose a £50 charge against the security deposit where there is evidence of smoking within a booked guest room (including out of room windows) or against an individual found to have been smoking within the hotel.

(5r) In the event of any damaged sustained/smoking within your booked room(s) or to hotel property as detailed above, we will charge the applicable amount of loss sustained by The Abbey Hotel, including business interruption losses, against the security deposit. In the event that the security deposit is waived or should any problems be encountered when completing the pre-auth, we will contact you to request immediate settlement of the costs incurred. Should further problems be encountered, we will pursue the matter through the civil courts. The Party Leader remains responsible for all rooms booked under his/her name. All damage/smoking charges are checked and authorised by the Duty Manager. A price list of replacement guest room items is available on request.

(5s) Lost property will be kept by the Hotel for 90 days before it is discarded. The return of smaller lost property items (mobile phones/clothing/shoes etc) is charged at a rate of £5 per item. Larger items will be subject to an additional postage charge.

(5t) At check-in all guests are issued with one key. All guest room keys must be returned at check-out. Lost room keys will incur a charge of £20 (per key) whether left in our care or not during your stay. In the event that a room key is not returned on departure, an email will be sent to the Party Leader on the day of departure requesting the key be returned by recorded delivery with 48 hours. Should the key not be returned within that time, a £20 charge as above will be applied against the security deposit.


(6a) Should you be forced to change the dates of your booking for any reason after the initial booking confirmation has been issued, a £20 administration charge may be applied to your booking. We reserve the right to change the new accommodation rate to the applicable full tariff rate. The special offer or discounted rate that you may have booked at initially cannot be carried over with respect of the new date.

(6b) In the event that a person within your group booking is unable to stay for any reason, we will try to reconfigure your group accordingly. The balance will be adjusted accordingly, however, a £20 per person administration charge will apply when a group booking reduces in size. We strongly recommend that the Party Leader obtains a deposit from all group members prior to booking to cover such a cancellation.

(6c) If you add a person to a confirmed group booking, we reserve the right to charge the additional person at the applicable full tariff rate. The special offer or discounted rate that you may have booked at initially cannot be carried over with respect of the additional person.

(6d) We must be notified of any change to contact details or change to group member names at your very earliest convenience.

(6e) All notification of changes to your booking must come from the Party Leader in writing from his/her registered email account.

(6f) Should you arrive at The Abbey Hotel without informing us of a change to your booking, your booking may be terminated with loss of all monies paid. Should anyone arrive with your group who is not listed on the submitted information, he/she may not be able to stay.

(6g) If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your booking, the Party Leader must inform us in writing from his/her registered email account. We cannot accept a cancellation by any other means.

(6h) We allow a 24 hour grace or ‘cool-off’ period (from the time of booking) should you wish to change or cancel your booking. We will refund all monies paid less a £10 administration fee. All cancellations after 24 hours of booking will be subject to these booking conditions. All deposits paid are strictly non-refundable when a booking is cancelled after the cool off period. We can not offer a cool off period when bookings are made within 72 hours of booking.

(6i) Should you decide to leave The Abbey Hotel before the booked departure date for any reason, no refund will be available for the remaining night(s).

(6j) In the event you have taken advantage of a special offer and have made a full balance pre-payment at the time of booking, the terms and conditions of that particular offer will determine whether any refunds are available.


(7a) The Company reserves the right to terminate without notice the booking of any customer whose behaviour is such that it is likely, in our reasonable opinion, to cause distress, damage, or annoyance to any other customer, employee, 3rd party, or to hotel property.


(8a) We always aim to provide you with the best stay possible. However, in the unlikely event that a problem should arise we kindly ask that you inform us immediately. By following this procedure you will enable us to deal with the situation effectively and promptly.

(8b) We cannot accept responsibility for events outside the hotel which may affect your stay with us. No monies can be returned in this instance. In the event of road works which restrict vehicle access to the hotel, we will always endeavour to advise you in advance.

(8c) We regret that we cannot accept liability for any complaints after you have left The Abbey Hotel.


(9a) We will retain your personal information which you provide at the time of booking. This information will not be passed on to any 3rd parties, other than when required by law.

Please note all bookings are subject to our booking conditions. Should an inaccuracy be displayed on our website, the terms as stated in the booking conditions will prevail.